Merton Special Teaching Alliance

National Teaching Shcool

Our Vision

To ensure the most successful outcomes for all our pupils especially those with special and/or educational needs through a shared moral purpose and the development of outstanding practice across the Alliance.

Who Are We?

The Merton Special Teaching Alliance was formed by Perseid School and Cricket Green School in 2012. We work to deliver the ‘Big 6’ – support for schools in the areas of School to School Support, CPD, Initial Teacher Training, Leadership Development and Succession Planning, Research and Governance. The MSTA is headed by Tina Harvey (Headteacher at Perseid School) and Celia Dawson (Headteacher at Cricket Green School, who work closely with Katharine Davies (Poplar Primary), Matt Ball ( Bishop Gilpin Primary), Alison Jerrard (Ricards Lodge High School ) and Nathalie Bull ( Singlegate and William Morris Primaries) to set the overall direction of the Teaching School. This provides a unique context for our Teaching School, being led by special school s working in close partnership with mainstream colleagues. to ensure our offer meets local need.

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Tina Harvey - Headteacher at Perseid School

Celia Dawson - Headteacher at Cricket Green School

Our Partners