Merton Special Teaching Alliance

National Teaching Shcool

London South Bank University (LSBU)

332W -School Direct Training programme with LSBU

Formal Qualifications 

The School Direct Training programme is highly competitive and it is important that you meet all the criteria. In line with our provider, LSBU, our entry requirements are: 

  • A 2:2 (or above) UK undergraduate degree or a recognised equivalent qualification
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths and Science or equivalent (please check with LSBU admissions to check accepted equivalencies)
  • If you studied outside the UK, you should visit the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) website to find out whether your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSE's, A Levels and an undergraduate degree. 

Practical Experience, Skills and Aptitudes 

 The School Direct Programme focuses on developing teaching skills. You should have a strong understanding of the area in which you wish to teach before you start training. 

 The skills and aptitudes that we expect from candidates are:

  • Very high standards of written and spoken English
  • Strong standards in Numeracy
  • Strong standards in ICT
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge and experience of working with learners with special educational needs and disabilities 
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to manage one's workload and time effectively

In addition, we will look for applicants who demonstrate an appreciation of diversity and how equality is promoted through education. 

What We are Looking For

 All candidates must meet the entry requirements above. Your personal written statement should include the following:

Demonstrate their understanding of, and commitment to, the Centre of Education and School Partnerships Equality and Diversity statement:

  1. value and respects the diversity offered in a pluralistic society.
  2. provide a learning community that actively challenges inequality and injustice. For us this means actively opposing all forms of discrimination
  3. Recognising diversity of identities as enriching the learning and teaching experience and modelling this in our practice
  4. Working towards a more diverse staff and student body
  5. Providing a safe environment for staff and students to reflect and work on prejudices and stereotypes, including examining the use of inappropriate language
  6. Developing structures and policies that enable all staff and students to participate fully
  7. Supporting a range of learning styles through teaching and course development
  8. Equipping students with the skills, concepts and values which enable them to challenge inequality and injustice in their future work

 An awareness of current issues in education

All candidates should demonstrate an awareness of current educational issues. Reading the following in preparation for an interview will support you in the process.

Times Educational Supplement

Education Guardian

Effective oral and written communication skills in English

All candidates will need to demonstrate that they have the potential to communicate effectively to a wide range of people in a variety of settings. This will include:

 -Engaging and collaborative speaking and listening skills

-The ability to write in clear standard English

-Creative and enthusiastic presentation skills

Experience in schools

It is desirable that all  applicants have experience of working with young or adult learners in a formal or informal setting. The more experience you have of doing this the stronger your application will be.

It is desirable, although not essential, to have spent some time in UK Primary schools.

 When applying for School Direct places with MSTA ensure that you take every opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the realities of teaching, as well as your enthusiasm for using your creative and intellectual skills in the classroom. You can do this by including examples of any experience you have of working with young people with special educational needs - perhaps as a teaching assistant, youth worker, or as a volunteer in a school. If you don't have such experience, we strongly recommend that you address this before submitting your application.

You must also complete your application in such a way so that you:

 -emphasise the relevance of your previous work and/or studies for the course

-provide evidence of your social and communication skills

-organise your information so that it is clear and easily accessible for the reader

 Ahead of completing your Personal Statement you should to familiarise yourself with the schools within the MSTA by researching our individual websites and connecting links.

Selection Process 

Perseid School is the lead school in the partnership and will be coordinating the recruitment process. We anticipate the interview process will consist of two stages and will involve an interview with LSBU, suitable candidates will then be invited to Perseid School for an interview.  MSTA and LSBU will make joint offers to successful candidates.

To apply please go visit