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Please find below a selection of our recent research and Practitioner Enquiry Studies 

Project Seach Programme Report (2013)

The Project Search Programme consists of a year's training and education leading to employment for individuals with disabilities.


Parents' Group Progress Report (2015)

The Alliance has developed a structured Parents' Group at Perseid School as part of a research and development initiative to support parents in gaining a full understanding of their child's diagnosis and prognosis. 


Enhancing the quality of phonics provision in a Special Needs School (2015)

 This essay aims to conduct an audit of current phonics provision in a special needs school in order to make recommendations about how phonics provision can be enhanced for students with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and profound leaning difficulties (PLD).


Can the use of Attention Autism activities support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder transition between two classroom activities in a KS1 special needs classroom ? (2015)

Within a special needs environment, structure and consistency are a necessity that have a profound impact on not only a pupil's ability to mange the school setting, but also their participation and engagement within the classroom. If a transition or change is not well managed, children with ASD can have severe and adverse reactions, which will not only hinder their learning but also their general state. Research suggests that the use of transition supports may support children with ASD to make successful transitions. This essay explores the use of Attention Autism intervention to improve transition from one activity to another in a KS1 classroom.


How is praise used in the classroom and how can increasing behaviour specific praise increase observable signs of happiness in a group of students on the autistic spectrum ? (2016)

This enquiry was conducted in a special needs school for students with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (SPMLD) and considers two main questions; How is praise currently used and How can Behaviour-Specific Praise (BSP) improve observable signs of happiness in the students ?